"Big Willie" and Shawn Woolum are our chefs!  Their philosophy is to treat everyone like family, and it shows in their commitment to serving only the finest meals to each person at the table!  We got our BBQ start in the backyards of our family and friends in 1988.  Since then, we have worked hard to perfect our recipe and techniques. 

After a lot of research and hands on experience on raising different breeds of pigs, we finally found the best breeds for our Eastern North Carolina style BBQ.  The Duroc, because it is known for its sweet meat, marbling, amazing shoulders, spareribs and full flavored meat.  The Berkshires, because they are prized for their juiciness, flavor, tenderness and heavily marbled meat. We are committed to organic and free-range locally grown pork, and try to use only locally grown products. 

The real secret to Eastern North Carolina BBQ is all in how it is cooked.  Low and slow over a smoke of hickory and apple wood for 10-12 hours right on site.  This ensures a moist and tender fall off the bone, melt in your mouth BBQ with the most amazing pink smoke-ring encrusted by a bark of just pure heaven.

We don't have customers here at Pig On Wheels...we have family!  So come on home and have a great meal with us!  Click here to contact us today!

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